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Finite Impulse Response (FIR) EQ-C & "C" for Correction!

  The standalone audio plugin EQ-C is a great addon to your audio system, it sounds so natural and clear that you will see that you will enjoy more time to see movies or listen to music on your computer.

If we can describe the sound, the low end are explosive, the low middle straight, the mittle high transulcent with a lot of clarity and the high end simply open!

One of its great features is, its ability to load a custom Frequency Response for audio system Correction, using average measurements made by manufacturers "in anechoic chamber", or with a special measurement tool, the head for headphones.

This audio plugin is available now as a standalone, we recommand you to use only one wide-band speaker for each of the left and right channel. The 24 Hz & 16 KHz filters are respectively a low and high pass filter.

Made in France


  • A Windows 7/10 or MacOS SIERRA or higher (64bitOS);
  • USB Key (provided) CmStick/C Basic;
  • You will need aside a Virtual Audio Cable for PC or Loopback for Mac or alternative;
  • PC or Mac with minimum CPU frequency of 2,5 GHz;
  • 4GB of RAM in dual mode;
  • Mono or Stereo audio system and connectors, accessories;

The Wibu® USB key require the installation of the CodeMeter® Runtime environment for User*. (Note: We can update or create a new license inside your existing dongle, please contact us for this solution).

(*)For the last CodeMeter Runtime compatibility, please, refer to the Wibu-Systems website.


1 year support included √.

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